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Run to the Mountain

"Every believer is either a missionary or an imposter" - Charles Spurgeon. In this message Rev Simpe teaches on the missionary church and how we can begin to reach the lost in fore...

Many are dying because they are trying to solve problems that God should be solving. But being anxious goes against the teachings of the gospel. So discover the keys to living  st...

The Purpose of a Man

Misunderstanding your purpose on earth can lead to many very unfortunate consequences. False interpretation of scripture is largely to blame for this. Let Rev Simpe speak to your h...

God wants us to be so fruitful that He calls it wickedness if you are not as interested in it as He is. Find out how you can also realise the plan of God for your life in this powe...

God has carefully positioned us all to impact our generation as lights in a dark world. Be blessed us you listen to this message from Rev. Simpe Bediako.

God has a mission for His church, but that mission cannot be realised until we understand that everyone of us must has a part to play. Be blessed

Preaching the Gospel

God has given us a ministry to reach the world with the gospel. Let this message from Rev Simpe fill you with faith to fulfill your ministry. Be blessed.

God has a mission for His church, but that mission cannot be realised until the cardinal foundations of the faith has been laid. Be blessed 

Many ask why they don't see miracles and signs in their lives as the believers in scripture. Let Rev Simpe help you with this question. Be blessed as you listen.

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